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We may forget about things, but experiences stay with us long after they’ve happened. That’s why experiential gift-giving isn’t a trend, it’s a movement. So many of us obsess over the perfect gift instead of making meaningful connections. Which is exactly what experiences encourage us to do. Just ask Halifax’s Sarah Abihanna. Last month she gifted her relative an unforgettable wine tour of Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley.

“My Aunt was visiting from England and we were looking for a fun activity to do around Nova Scotia while she was here,” says Abihanna. “She’s really into food and wine so this was a great fit for her.”

The Perfect Present

The wine tour turned out to be the perfect present. Together with several family members, Sarah and her aunt spent the afternoon sampling the latest vintages and learning about local wine. And like all good road trips, there was even an unexpected surprise.

“Colleen, our tour guide, was really engaging and even did an out-of-the-way stop. I don’t remember how it exactly came about but we were talking about beef jerky and we happened to be going very close to a little butcher shop. She was like, ‘Oh we’ll have to make a stop here. They have the best beef jerky.’ So we made a fun little side-bar pit stop and a bunch of us bought some beef jerky.”

The shared experience brought Abihanna and her family closer together. It inspired conversation amongst themselves and other tourists. It’s a level of human connection so many of us are desperate for in these digitally-focused times.

“There was definitely a togetherness vibe. It produced lots of conversation. We weren’t just sitting on our phones on the bus.” Abihanna muses. “We all bought some wine and we ended up getting together later, and sharing the wine and talking about our day again.”

Happiness Comes from Experiences

It’s now more clear than ever that happiness is derived from experiences, not things. There’s the thrill of surprise when first revealed. The anticipation leading up to the event. The memories created, and the bond established. Plus, science supports it. Cornell Psychology Professor Thomas Gilovich has spent decades researching the subject.

“People often think spending money on an experience isn’t as wise an investment as spending it on a material possession,” states Gilovich. “They think the experience will come and go in a flash, and they’ll be left with little compared to owning an item. But in reality, we remember experiences long afterward.”

Cut Back on Anxiety and Materialism

Opting for non-object offerings cuts back on the anxiety and materialism often associated with the holiday rush. Purchasing gift cards for experiences online makes the process simple and convenient. Above all, experiential purchases bring people together in a way material goods simply can’t.

“It was a full-on experience for her and something she’ll always remember about her trip to Nova Scotia,” reflects Abihanna. “I think it’s a great gift. I love experience-based gifts. The memories far outlast a trinket or some other kind of gift.”

Want to give the perfect gift this holiday season? Think outside the box with experiential giving. You’ll not only create happiness but build lasting memories.

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